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Perfectly Learn Math Via Programming

Perfectly Learn Math Via Programming

Investigating and solving real problems in a participatory and cooperative way can be a great experience for learning mathematics.

Programming brings together the ability to foster active learning and creative thinking in the classroom.

One can easily learn math via programming. This is demonstrated by this experience with the free computer educational program software.

This is a free computer program where you can program interactive stories, games and animations.

When did this project arise?

Before some years, experimentally, a teacher began to use this free computer educational program software in math classes, verifying that students acquired mathematical concepts much more easily.

Once the experience was completed, it was analysed together with the Management Team and it was decided to implement it for the 2015-2016 academic year in all groups of 5th and 6th grade.

Why do you use free computer educational program software?

A series of questions arose that made the experts reflect; what alternatives can be offered to students to improve their competence in mathematics?

How can you guarantee that your students can assume with a positive attitude the difficulties that arise in their daily lives?

The answers have been found in is free computer educational program software since it improves critical thinking, learning math through coding helps in problem solving and decision-making, and the students also use critical thinking skills to plan and carry out research.

Have the teachers had any type of programming training?

The two teachers involved in the development of this methodology have been trained for a few years both in the programming language and in other aspects closely related to the use of ICT in the classroom.

programming training

Project Development

In the beginning of the course meetings, a presentation was made to the families of the new methodology to be used, the response being very satisfactory.

After a first moment in which the programming language was presented and its basic concepts, activities related to mathematics began for developing.

In both courses one can develop through this methodology the units related to the metric system, angles, geometric figures and the calculation of areas and volumes.

One hour a week is allocated, within the mathematics schedule, to develop the use of this methodology.

The work system assumes the presence in the classroom of the professor of mathematics, since this is the subject taught, and of a professor with knowledge of the programming language.

In the few sessions that are developing one can see the increase in student motivation, which facilitates their approach to mathematics. You just have to choose the best programming language for math.