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Best Social Media For Students

Best Social Media For Students

When we hear about social media for education, the first reaction is to think of Facebook or Twitter.

But they are not the only ones, since there are some aimed specifically at the educational field and others that, although being ‘generic’, offer possibilities in education.

Thus, teachers, students and families are in permanent contact thanks to educational social networks.

Educational social networks

Below is a list of using social media by students with the most outstanding educational social networks. And you, which one do you use?


Its creators describe that social media is best for students and this social network by way of “a children’s association where reading grows into a much smarter activity ” since, as well as reading, students have the chance of sharing experiences with friends, colleagues, and teachers.

internet in the classroom

Why not make a suggestion, comment or vote on a book that you really liked? They are other possibilities of this space.

The role of adults happens to be vital because with no their approval children cannot take part of it. In the scenario of teachers, it might be used for tracking the reading activity of the students.


It is specialized in the field of social learning and eLearning, since it is based on the exchange of knowledge and ideas and mutual aid.

It is aimed at students of all levels, including home schooled children, as well as parents and teachers.

The questions can be consulted according to the subjects (Biology, Geography, History, Art, Social Sciences.) and it is available in several languages. You have to register.


It happens to be a training platform that use to connect teachers and students, thus the teacher is able to teach online courses as well as maintain their classroom classes.

It also can be installed in a teaching centre and having the edublogs, virtual classrooms, online exams, chats. It uses to have paid and free services.

social networks

Internet in the classroom

This is the name of the INTEF social teaching network, in which teacher communities share their experiences and resources for using the Internet in the classroom. Forums, projects, 2.0 good practices, methodologies, blogs are some of the features offered to teachers.


In 2008, Nic Borg and Jeff O’Hara founded this educational platform that works as a social network and in which teachers, families and students can participate.

It allows you to create closed and private groups, send papers, share links and documents, attach files. There is also the option for teachers to invite students to participate in online discussions, for which it is necessary to register with a username and password.

The teacher, in Edmodo, is the only one who can create the groups and manage them, while the students (and also their families) need to know the access code for these groups to consult the contents that are uploaded.