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Here Are The Answers For You How Can Teachers Use Video To Improve Teaching

Here Are The Answers For You How Can Teachers Use Video To Improve Teaching

Teachers always try to find ways to show more and speak less when they present students with new information, concepts and skills. Instead of trying to simplify information, expanding the curriculum means using a variety of methodologies to make the most important information understandable, says an education researcher.

Those at the beginning of their careers often face difficulties in finding ways to accomplish this task. teachers use video to improve teaching.

Videos can be a great tool, but you need to be aware of how often the feature is used. It is important to have a clear objective for using the film, documentary or news segment.

Build fundamentals on a subject

Everyone knows that students learn best when they receive information in different ways reading, drawing, listening to the teacher’s oral explanations and through visual media.

People also know, thanks to a lot of research, that using video to improve learning and use of visual aids is fundamental for those who are learning a new language. The images and videos act as a support for learning new content, concepts and ideas.

Enrich an article or text

Both when reading a fiction or non-fiction text, students benefit from the contextualization of the character, the place or the object they are learning about.

Videos can help them visualize an event or a person, while understanding the historical, political, social and emotional context.

Deepen or solidify student learning

Videos with tutorials or made specifically for children are available everywhere on the internet. Typically, less than seven minutes long, they can serve to reinforce what students have learned or are already learning.

The YouTube, the TeacherTube and BrainPOP, for example, provide short and instructional videos on different topics and subjects academics, as do a division operation or write a letter.

Watching a short instructional video created specifically for children is a good break from routine for students and makes it easier for them to retain new information.

using video

Tips for using video

Be selective to watching good teaching video to increased student achievement. A video might have a huge impact, so choose the most active and revealing portions of the film, documentary or news segment to show students.

Be clear about your purpose this will help you determine what to select to show students.

Enable subtitles

Students can read while watching. For video full of data, consider including the transcripts on a printed sheet or digital copy, especially if students will have to use the information later in another activity.