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Benefits Of Using Audio Books In The Classroom

Benefits Of Using Audio Books In The Classroom

Did you had any idea that in the 4th century reading was an activity that was practiced aloud? Little by little, and with the passage of time, individual reading and in a low voice became the usual one, since it was carried out mainly in monasteries.

However, audio books have recovered this tradition that until now had been limited to the family and school environment, and for this reason here are some of its benefits. These are the main advantages to use audio books in the classroom:

Improve concentration

When use audio books for school education, you must be aware of the person who reads and also understand what he says and assimilate it.

Therefore, practicing reading aloud in a formal way will i1mprove your attention and concentration skills.

According to a recent study, benefits of audio books for struggling readers are many, listening to audiobooks increases reading comprehension by 76%, improves vocabulary and facilitates oral fluency.

In addition, combining text and audio memorization increases by 40%, compared to reading quietly.

Audiobooks stimulate the imagination

Listening to audiobooks allows you to imagine what happens in the text as it is narrated. In a well-worked balance, with its pauses, proper intonation and even dramatization, the reader will be able to transport himself to the world in which the story takes place.

In this way, it is possible to improve your creativity.

Help establish links

If all reading is the coincidence of two worlds, that of the reader and that of the writer, in reading aloud the world of listening to those two intertwined worlds of those who read and of those who have previously written, someone reads.


Reading multiplies in another person, who, without reading, listens to what another reads while trying to understand it. Two (author, reader) are a couple.

Three (announcer, author, reader), Xavier tells us, is already a society in its simplest form: a voice that comes from the past (albeit a very recent one), a voice that updates that other voice in the present and a voice, silent, that welcomes those other two voices and that, in silence, dialogues, through the understanding of what is read aloud.

Audiobooks allow you to combine reading with other tasks

As we already told you in our post 5 things you can do while listening to audiobooks, this format allows you to combine reading with practically any activity: cleaning, walking, exercising, traveling 27% of audiobook users confess to using them on public transport or in the car, on the way to work, and 25% use them while doing sports or walking.