There would be loads of information on how to start a YouTube account, how to upload the videos on YouTube and so on, but there are still many things which people are not aware of regarding YouTube. There are quite a lot of things which no one specifically tells you about the channel. Listed below are few of them.

Importance of ‘About section”- No one would usually tell you the importance of this section. The ‘about section’ gives you the opportunity to tell people about basic information about you like where to reach you, who you are and so on. It would help in getting a personal connection with your viewers. Also, you could link other social networks so that people can follow you on channels. Learn about promoting videos on all platforms by visiting

Importance of staying engaged with the audience- You should never upload the videos and then forget all about it. You should go through the commenting section and respond to those messages.  It helps the audience in learning more about you and the content you have to offer.

Annotations and verifying the website- You can put clickable text overlays which are known as annotations in your videos. You could choose to link the annotation to other videos of your channel. It’s a great way to promote the other video content.

Linking the videos to Google+ account- You need to always ensure that you link the Google+ account to the YouTube channel of yours. It ensures that all the comments and response you receive on the Google+ account will appear on the YouTube page.

Analyzing the data- The feature of YouTube analytics will show that if the audience is turning off the video at a particular point through audience retention report. This will help in analyzing if the video length is appropriate or not.