How Working Out Works in the Men’s Body

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Working out is so extremely important part of your routine that you just cannot give it a miss:

I have been an extreme athlete in my younger days and then with job and ambition and career, I gave it all up gradually. Today, I turn back to think of what a big mistake I did back then. If your life and career are pressing you to slow down, you can do that but never once stop it completely. Once you stop your exercise routine and get out of form, it is going to be just so much more difficult for you to get back into a routine once you realize your follies.

Here is what working out does in a man’s body:

Whether the workout and fitness regime is for getting back on the track, gaining stamina and strength, acquiring bigger muscles or building up endurance, you will realize that in the beginning, you are doing really well and then you plateau. This is the period when you are between the third and the fifth week of your work out.

This happens to everyone, so don’t panic!

This is precisely why health gurus say that you must keep changing your exercise routine every few weeks. Doing this will ensure that your body does not get into a comfort zone. The muscles need to be challenged often so that they do not set int ta slump.

Exercising in a marathon period of time is also not required:

A strong but effective workout of thirty minutes is much better than a slow one for forty-five minutes. Studies show that the testosterone in a man’s body is optimized with a workout of thirty minutes and the effect starts waning at forty-five minutes upwards.

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