Top 10 Health Signs Men Should Never Ignore

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Men should never ignore any of the following top 10 health signs:

Chest pain:  Men have more probability of getting heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.  Sometimes heart attack gives pain symptoms in left shoulder and armpit also.

Sudden baldness and loss of hair in body parts:  If there are sudden baldness and loss of hair in legs and hands, this relates to fertility issues.  Especially if such symptoms are seen in young men, it is best to take medical advice to ensure a good and happy married life.

Frequent urinary infections:  Frequent pain, bleeding while urination has to be treated immediately.  There are chances of stone development in the urinary tract.

Erectile dysfunction:  Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of nervous weakness or stress.  Proper medical support and counseling are required, and this should never be ignored.

Pain/swelling in genitals:  Any change in the appearance of pain in the genitals has to be taken seriously.

Changes in skin:  Skin cancer is widely prevalent in men.  Hence one should carefully look for any changes in skin coloring, the formation of big moles etc.  When in doubt one can get clarified from the information available on health enhancement blogs.

Lumps in testicles:  If lumps are felt in testicles it is better to consult a specialist immediately.  Even when there is no pain, such lumps can be the starting stage of cancer.

A persistent cough: a persistent cough can be a sign of lung cancer.  Especially chain smokers can never take a chance.  Ignoring persistent cough and mucus or blood is a very big lapse.

Lumps on chest:  Many think that only women develop breast cancer.  Even men have high chances of getting this disease.  Hence when a man can feel lumps in the chest, it should not be ignored.

Excessive snoring:  Excessive snoring is a sign of a blockage in sinus glands or some serious health issue in internal walls of the nose.

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