Parents remain the security blanket for their children all their lives. Children should feel free to speak to their parents any time they want without any kind of hesitation or fear of ridicule. The lines of communication should remain open come what may.

  1. Parents and children may fight and which family does not fight? They can argue as much as they want and agree to disagree at different times. But the point remains that a family must still speak to each other. This may seem impossible at times and people may hold grudges. But no one has the right to judge others and stop talking to them. Keep the channels open so that sometime in future the feud may be resolved.
  2. This will be possible only of the parents and children have created a strong channel for communication. You need to spend time with the young kids playing games and reading stories. You can find appropriate games at every stage of childhood by visiting a website like starwalkkids.
  3. Do things together. In today’s busy schedules you may find very little time with your children. You can snatch these precious minutes to communicate, while cooking, driving to school or classes, cleaning the room etc. even a few minutes a day will add up.
  4. Try to make a ritual. If you are really very busy with chores and work then make a timetable. Allot some time for the kids, and if you have more than one child then allow individual time to them. Allow them to use this time to talk to you freely about any concerns that they may have.
  5. Talk about yourself too. This may sound unimportant but when kids see you expressing your views and talk about your failures or success freely then they will also learn to do that.

Parents and children have the most important and yet the most delicate relationship. Listen to your children and speak to them with compassion and understanding and they will reciprocate. Do not underestimate the power of communication at any time. Strong interaction helps the family to stay together and that is a great boost in the well-being of children.