How Toys Can Help Children Learn

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Toys are not just for fun and entertainment; they are also great learning tools. Cognitive skills, gross and motor skills develop in children when they play with toys. It is important that you give age-appropriate toys to your little ones so that they are not frustrated and their learning process is not hindered.

  1. Craft material: Children love to draw and color and use the scissors. While in the initial days their drawing might appear like scratches, they are actually stepping stones to hone their fine motor skills. The use of scissors improves their hand and eye coordination, a very important facet of development.
  2. Physical toys: Toys that induce physical activity like throwing a ball, skipping or playing with a bat and ball also contribute to gross motor skill development and dexterity. These games build their self-confidence and when played with other kids to help build their social skills.
  3. Building blocks: These toys teach children categorization and manipulation. They also develop motor skills.
  4. Mini toolsets: This is advantageous to build skills which can be later used to pursue hobbies; these toys are great to teach safety at the workplace or in the kitchen.
  5. Math skills: Mathematics may be mind boggling if the concepts are not learned There are several games and toys that make math fun and interesting. Children learn to recognize the pattern in solving and analyzing problems.
  6. Language skills: There are a plethora of attractive books with some interactive books too which entice the young reader into the world of mystic and magic of the written word. These games and books build the language skills and instill confidence in a child.
  7. Musical instruments: A playful way of introducing children to rhythm and music; these instruments help kids discover how sound is produced. Though it might be noise for parents, it truly is music to the child.

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