7 Important Reasons For Teaching Kindness In Schools

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It is important that every school teach its children kindness. There are many benefits of instilling this in kids from a younger age. Here are the benefits:


Teaching kindness lets children develop empathy right from childhood. They understand others problems and are compassionate towards them. Learning kindness brings in a sense of belonging too and teaches them to care.

Makes them loved

We all like kind people and accept them in our lives. Teaching kindness at a young age lets it become apart of their character and the kids are thus more likable by all.

Acceptance among peers

Teaching the importance of kindness lets one make friends easily and be accepted. It lets children form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with others.

Appreciate what they have

Spreading kindness to the less privileged lets children value what they have. They start appreciating what they have and stop comparing or asking for more.

Stay happy

Kindness works toward making one feel happy and stress-free. Being kind helps to release a hormone called oxytocin which offers many mental and health benefits and makes one stay happy.

Less ragging

Schools that promote kindness guide children how not to indulge in bullying and ragging. This makes one feel happy about attending school.


Kindness is an antidepressant and makes one feel fulfilled. The serotonin levels increase when one is kind and this helps to improve the mood.

Being kind should be in one’s character. It is important that children be taught the importance of being kind and they are involved in such activities that let them spread kindness. This will help them be mindful in the later years of their lives.

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Top 10 Health Signs Men Should Never Ignore

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Men should never ignore any of the following top 10 health signs:

Chest pain:  Men have more probability of getting heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.  Sometimes heart attack gives pain symptoms in left shoulder and armpit also.

Sudden baldness and loss of hair in body parts:  If there are sudden baldness and loss of hair in legs and hands, this relates to fertility issues.  Especially if such symptoms are seen in young men, it is best to take medical advice to ensure a good and happy married life.

Frequent urinary infections:  Frequent pain, bleeding while urination has to be treated immediately.  There are chances of stone development in the urinary tract.

Erectile dysfunction:  Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of nervous weakness or stress.  Proper medical support and counseling are required, and this should never be ignored.

Pain/swelling in genitals:  Any change in the appearance of pain in the genitals has to be taken seriously.

Changes in skin:  Skin cancer is widely prevalent in men.  Hence one should carefully look for any changes in skin coloring, the formation of big moles etc.  When in doubt one can get clarified from the information available on health enhancement blogs.

Lumps in testicles:  If lumps are felt in testicles it is better to consult a specialist immediately.  Even when there is no pain, such lumps can be the starting stage of cancer.

A persistent cough: a persistent cough can be a sign of lung cancer.  Especially chain smokers can never take a chance.  Ignoring persistent cough and mucus or blood is a very big lapse.

Lumps on chest:  Many think that only women develop breast cancer.  Even men have high chances of getting this disease.  Hence when a man can feel lumps in the chest, it should not be ignored.

Excessive snoring:  Excessive snoring is a sign of a blockage in sinus glands or some serious health issue in internal walls of the nose.

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What Sailing Around The World Can Teach You

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Sailing is exciting and you also get to know yourself when you go sailing around the world. Here at https://www.4yacht.com know what sailing around the world taught me.

You can always do it

If you are among those who freak out when out in a difficult or anew situation then sailing can teach you how to get out of your comfort zone. Sailing teaches you how to fight this feeling. From diving to fixing something that has gone bad, sailing teaches you everything.

It teaches you how not to overcomplicate stuff

When you sail you are out in the sea all by yourself surrounded by the blue waters everywhere. Nothing matters to you then. You are all calm and composed and life seems to be very simple. Nothing matters to you more than to enjoy the sail and to keep yourself safe.

Enjoy luxury in simple things

Even a bucket of fresh water to take bath in is a luxury. Not to mention some really delicious food. When you need to spend days using sea water and washing dishes in the salt water, you are surely going to find a bucket of fresh water to be a luxury.

Never feel alone

There is no amount of conversation when you are sailing in the deep waters. All that you can see is the horizon and the blue water everywhere. But the beauty of the sea and the calmness that it brings along with it never makes you feel that you are alone.

You can do it attitude

Sailing around the world and successfully completing the journey gives you a sense of achievement. You feel great because you have done it. It is a feeling that needs to be experienced and sailing does make you more confident and prepares you for the challenges of life.

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