Learning in Later Life: Here’s What Seniors Want in a Learning Experience

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I have been advocating all my life that education is a continuous process. And no, I do not just mean it in the way that when someone educates them by reading everyday newspapers, tabloids and information on the internet.

What I mean is a concerted effort at evolving courses for the seniors because I feel that they need to be involved with something that will keep them from all sorts of inconvenient maladies.

Researches are underway but there is not much needed to prove that when an older adult is engaged in activities of the brain, it definitely postpones diseases of the nervous system.

I was reading a paper by two very celebrated adult educationists and advocates and I was convinced with most of what they were saying.

For instance, Deborah and Valery the authors of the paper think that when familiar subjects are taught, the older adults seem to engage in the classrooms better. They come around with a lot of interesting questions to ask and it is obvious that they are interested.

Also, the teacher as a driver is an important part of this program:

It is obvious that older adults may not be able to grasp a lot of content as younger adults would. And that is the reason why teachers who would be extremely patient with such a classroom are the need of the hour.

He or she will have to be motivating and pushing them to sometimes even do a small task at hand. But the results predicted out of such programs are mind-blowing. It is being thought that when adults are engaged cognitively, they can make better choices in life post-retirement and that can considerably reduce their dependence on social welfare schemes.

It is also a great idea to involve corporates and tour operators so that the education modules can also include outdoor learning experiences. One of the pilot projects was done with Peak Performance Tours and we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback that we got!

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